Turkey’s Naval Platforms to Receive Atmaca Missiles for Enhanced Defense

In a significant move to bolster its naval capabilities, Turkey is set to equip eleven of its naval platforms with the domestically developed Atmaca anti-ship missiles. The deal involves collaboration between Roketsan, the state-controlled missile manufacturer, and STM, the government-owned defense technology entity. The Atmaca system, conceived for surface warfare, offers high precision and can be deployed on assault boats, frigates, and corvettes.

The Atmaca missile system boasts autonomy, low radar cross-section, all-weather operability, and resistance to countermeasures. It features a range of 220 kilometers and can fall between 4.3 and 5.2 meters in length, weighing 750 kilograms. Utilizing an inertial navigation system and GPS for guidance, it incorporates advanced capabilities such as 3D mission planning and data link-based target updates and mission abort features.

This new system will replace Turkey’s aging inventory of American-made Harpoon missiles. The integration of Atmaca missiles onto the naval platforms is anticipated to be completed by April 11, 2027. The Atmaca system is expected to equip various vessels, including I-class frigates, upgraded Barbaros-class Meko 200 TN ships, and Ada-class corvettes. By choosing Atmaca over Harpoon missiles, Turkey aims to save up to $500 million, as the domestically produced weapon comes at a fraction of the cost. With Atmaca’s land variant, the Kara Atmaca, also in development, Turkey is advancing its defense capabilities on multiple fronts.

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