Trump to Present Himself at Fulton County Jail on Thursday

Former President Donald Trump is slated to voluntarily surrender and undergo processing at Fulton County Jail on Thursday, following his recent agreement to a $200,000 bond and other conditions for release. Trump confirmed this decision via his Truth Social account, validating previous reports from informed sources.

Several co-defendants implicated in the extensive Georgia racketeering case have also concurred with the bond terms set by the district attorney’s office. Trump’s legal team, comprising Jennifer Little, Drew Findling, and Marissa Goldberg, engaged with the district attorney’s office before unveiling the specifics of the bond agreement. Other attorneys, such as Todd Blanche, have been working behind the scenes to orchestrate Trump’s defense strategy.

The release conditions established in Trump’s bond order surpass those of his co-defendants. Notably, the order explicitly prohibits Trump from employing social media to target his 18 co-defendants, witnesses, and the 30 unindicted co-conspirators.

The order, sanctioned by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, stipulates that Trump must refrain from actions that could intimidate or obstruct justice, encompassing social media posts or reposts from other individuals.

This marks the first instance in which Trump’s release conditions include a cash bond and a ban on social media-based intimidation, specifically in the context of the Fulton County election subversion case.

This year has seen Trump facing his fourth criminal case. In previous cases, his release conditions post-arrest were relatively standard. In the Florida Mar-a-Lago documents case led by special counsel Jack Smith, Trump was released on personal recognizance, though his attorneys expressed reservations about certain restrictions on witness contact. Similar minimal conditions applied to Smith’s election subversion case in Washington, DC, and the New York hush money case.

In addition to Trump’s bond order, several other defendants received approval for their bond orders on Monday. Conservative attorney John Eastman secured a $100,000 bond agreement, while defendant Scott Hall, a bail bondsman, reached a bond agreement set at $10,000.

All 19 defendants, including Trump, indicted in the case are expected to surrender before a Friday deadline set by District Attorney Fani Willis. Eastman plans to surrender on Wednesday, with this information emerging as the first confirmation of a co-defendant’s surrender date.

Amid heightened law enforcement presence at Fulton County court complex, discussions surrounding release terms and bonds are underway. Given that the defendants have been indicted and are expected to negotiate release terms prior to their surrender, an initial court appearance is unlikely, according to legal experts.

Security measures, including barricades and the presence of various law enforcement agencies, remain in place, and the deadline for defendants to surrender is set for Friday at 12 p.m. ET, as indicated by a news release from the sheriff’s office.

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