Toronto’s Waterfront Utilizes ‘Robotic Sharks’ to Combat Water Pollution

In a pioneering Canadian initiative, Toronto’s waterfront has introduced innovative ‘robotic sharks’ known as WasteShark aquadrones named Ebb and Flow, designed to gather up to 500 kilograms of aquatic waste daily. This innovative pilot program is a collaboration between PortsToronto and RanMarine Technology, a Dutch company specializing in the WasteShark technology. Operating from the Outer Harbour Marina, Ebb and Flow target floating debris across the water’s surface, aiding the city’s broader waste management strategy alongside its Seabin network. They primarily focus on larger items like plastic bags and bottles, successfully eliminating an equivalent of over 22,700 plastic bottles each day.

The waste collection initiative aligns with the city’s environmental commitment, aiming to support United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals such as clean water and marine resource sustainability. The drones, equipped with advanced capabilities including measuring blue-green algae and refined oils, operate autonomously for six hours, powered by electric thrusters and a 4G data signal. This cutting-edge technology, retailing at around $33,200, is an essential addition to Toronto’s ongoing efforts in tackling water pollution and promoting environmental stewardship. 💧🌊🌍 #EnvironmentalInnovation #AquaticWasteManagement #Sustainability