Microsoft Teams Up with Synthetaic for Enhanced AI-Powered Image Analysis

Exciting partnership alert! Microsoft joins forces with Synthetaic, the AI-powered balloon tracker, to take computer vision and imagery analysis to new heights.

Under a groundbreaking five-year collaboration announced on Aug 29, Synthetaic gains access to a staggering 1 million hours of cloud-computing power courtesy of Microsoft. This alliance aims to supercharge Synthetaic’s Rapid Automatic Image Categorization software (RAIC), empowering users to sift through extensive photo collections for specific items with ease.

Corey Jaskolski, Founder and CEO of Synthetaic, aptly compares using AI for image insights to building a fire – needing heat (AI algorithms), fuel (data), and oxygen (compute). With Azure’s GPU compute and rapid data storage, combined with Synthetaic’s algorithms, the partnership enables processing vast visual data into actionable insights and models within minutes.

RAIC, already built on the Azure cloud, has garnered attention from government customers and potential collaborations with the Air Force, particularly regarding MQ-9 drone data. Jaskolski highlights the uniqueness of their image recognition approach, emphasizing their “geospatial object detect mode,” a game-changer that goes beyond traditional image recognition to pinpoint discrete objects in satellite data.

Overhead imagery has become increasingly vital for governments, analysts, and hobbyists. It played a pivotal role in revealing Russia’s military buildup prior to the Ukraine invasion in February 2022 and continues to shed light on recent events, such as the devastating situation in Eastern Europe. This partnership promises to enhance our ability to harness visual data for deeper insights and informed decision-making.

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