Aviation Safety

Safety in the aviation sector is essential. Despite the record number of passengers, statistics show that flying has never been safer. Between 1959 and 2017, there were 29,298 recorded deaths at 500 global commercial events with an air fleet of passengers. In 2017, for the first time in at least 60 years of aviation, there were no deaths on commercial airlines. Even 2018, when there were a total of 15 fatal aircraft accidents, is the third safest year ever.

Security systems and cultures have improved immensely. A number of design implementations have had a dramatic impact on accidents, including improvements in aerodynamics and airframe, critical design criteria for safety in failure, improvements to the cockpit dashboard, and the growing number of aircraft operated in service. Improvements in science have also enabled the aviation industry to better understand how human factors affect safety.

KI Data contributes to safety by providing the transport and logistics industry with the alerts and tools need to avoid risky zones.

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