OSINT is becoming Mainstream


Opensource intelligence(OSINT) is democratizing access to global data including military data. In the last 10 years it has become easier than ever to capture unclassified and publicly available information. Turning OSINT data into actionable intelligence remains one of the biggest challenges facing communities. That said, live recordings of events on twitter are impacting policymakers.

For example, the video of Afghans trying to hold onto an American military transport plane as it tries to take off is a prime example of this.

At KI Design we look to building trust in OSINT is a primary source for analysis.  We harness open-source information to rapidly enrich the need for evolving global data monitoring, which includes risk and alert tracking from power competition to logistic challenge faced by carriers.

KI Data platform enables users to reduce the time spent on discovery and increase the focus on explaining the “relevance” of the information gathered.  KI Design continues to expand its tools and policies towards more expensive and modern sources of intelligence such as airline intelligence; Despite hesitations on the use of open source tools and professional methodology support for handling open-source data.  This over-reliance on the collection of social and broadcast media and authoritative government data not only increases costs, but also creates information blind spots and is harder to share.

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