NATO to Strengthen AI Strategy in Response to Growing Cyber Threats

In light of escalating cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and government agencies, NATO is gearing up to update its artificial intelligence (AI) strategy to include generative AI. This move comes as AI, particularly in cybersecurity, becomes increasingly integral to NATO’s operations. David van Wheel, NATO’s assistant secretary general for emerging security challenges, stated that the revised strategy will address the responsible use of generative AI, a technology capable of creating diverse content based on user-provided data.

The initial AI strategy, endorsed by NATO in 2021, laid out six principles guiding the responsible use of AI. A review of the strategy is slated for next year, with a new version incorporating generative AI language. NATO has been actively working on an AI intelligence certification standard since February, aiming to operationalize the principles outlined in the 2021 strategy. This standard, set to be completed by the end of the year, will provide checks and balances for effective and secure utilization of generative AI and other emerging technologies.

Generative AI, exemplified by technologies like ChatGPT, raises concerns about data security. The vast amount of data it requires could pose risks of misuse or leaks by malicious actors. Protecting against these risks is crucial to prevent the exploitation of sensitive information for deep-fakes or the dissemination of misleading content.

In light of recent global cyber offenses, with nearly half targeting NATO member-states according to a Microsoft report, van Wheel emphasized the need for AI in defense. Ongoing Russian attacks on Ukrainian data centers and energy infrastructure underscore the persistent threat, with cybersecurity playing a pivotal role, especially as winter approaches.

NATO aims to make the revised strategy as transparent as possible, informing the public and AI practitioners about their expectations. As the world grapples with evolving cyber threats, NATO’s proactive approach to integrating AI safeguards reflects a commitment to bolstering cybersecurity in an increasingly digital landscape. #NATO #AIstrategy #Cybersecurity

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