Former President Donald Trump Faces New Criminal Charges in Classified Documents Mishandling Case

Donald Trump, the former US president, is now confronting fresh criminal charges as federal prosecutors have accused him of ordering employees to delete security camera footage at his Mar-a-Lago estate to obstruct an investigation into the mishandling of classified documents. The updated indictment includes three new charges against Trump, bringing the total to 40, including obstruction and willful retention of national defense information.

Additionally, Carlos De Oliveira, a maintenance worker at Mar-a-Lago, is facing conspiracy, obstruction of justice, lying to investigators, and destroying documents charges. Walt Nauta, Trump’s valet, who was indicted alongside the former president in June, now faces new charges related to suppressing evidence by deleting Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage.

The indictment alleges that Trump and his employees endeavored to alter, destroy, mutilate, and conceal records at Mar-a-Lago to impede their use as evidence. The former president also faces a charge related to an incident at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, concerning an alleged proposed attack on Iran.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to 37 criminal charges related to the mishandling of classified documents, and his trial is scheduled for May 2024. Despite the new charges, his campaign denounces them as politically motivated, accusing the Biden administration of targeting him and his allies. Trump is the first former US president to face criminal charges, and he may face more indictments in other cases.

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