Finland Takes Drastic Measures: Plans to Close Entire Border with Russia Amid Migration Concerns

Finland is set to close its last remaining road border with Russia due to escalating concerns over migration. Prime Minister Petteri Orpo accuses Moscow of undermining national security, prompting the closure of the entire eastern border. The decision follows the closure of seven checkpoints earlier this month due to a surge in arrivals from the Middle East and Africa, with Finnish authorities attributing the influx to Russia’s involvement.

The government deems the situation “exceptional,” and Orpo firmly states, “We don’t accept any attempt to undermine our national security.” The Nordic nation, having recently joined NATO, accuses Russia of intentionally orchestrating a migration crisis. Approximately 900 migrants have crossed the border from Russia this month, a significant spike from the usual numbers.

Interior Minister Mari Rantanen announces the imminent closure of the last border crossing for vehicle traffic, Raja-Jooseppi in Finland’s Arctic north, effective midnight Wednesday. While this move aims to address immediate concerns, a railway crossing between the two countries will remain open solely for cargo traffic.

The European Union’s border agency pledges support, sending reinforcements to aid Finland in policing its borders amid suspicions of Russia’s involvement in the migrant influx. As tensions rise and geopolitical implications unfold, Finland’s decision reflects the complexities surrounding migration, national security, and diplomatic relations in the region.

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