Exciting New Partnership: Kratos and Hypersonix Join Forces for Hypersonic Systems in the US

Exciting news on the aerospace horizon! Kratos Defense and Security Solutions have teamed up with Australia’s Hypersonix to revolutionize the hypersonic systems game in the US security market.

In this groundbreaking partnership, Kratos plans to purchase 20 of Hypersonix’s DART AE hypersonic vehicles, merging them with their Zeus propulsion systems. This collaboration propels them to the forefront of US and Australia’s hypersonic initiatives.

Dave Carter, President of Kratos’ defense and rocket systems business, said, “This exclusive partnership allows the Kratos/Hypersonix team to be first-to-market with relevant capability in support of U.S. and Australia hypersonic initiatives.”

This aligns perfectly with the US’s push to bolster ties with allies like Australia and the UK in the AUKUS security agreement, focusing on advanced capabilities like hypersonic systems that move at speeds beyond Mach 5.

This isn’t just about tech advancement; it’s about international collaboration. Hypersonix’s presence in the US gets a boost, especially after their DART AE got selected for the Defense Innovation Unit’s program, aiming to make hypersonic testing more efficient.

DART AE is set to take its inaugural flight in 2024. Kratos has been actively developing hypersonic technology for the Department of Defense and classified national security customers.

With a history of successful collaborations with Australian tech firms, Kratos is all set to push the boundaries of hypersonic flight. This partnership not only accelerates innovation but also solidifies their position as key players in the hypersonic race.

In a world where speed is crucial, this partnership could be the key to unlocking next-gen hypersonic flights in the US. Hold tight for the future of high-speed aerospace! ✈️🌍

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