Drones and Jammers in Ukraine Signal New Era of Warfare, Says U.S. Navy Secretary

Carlos Del Toro, the Secretary of the U.S. Navy, has highlighted the impact of drones and electronic warfare in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, describing it as a “new era of war.” The use of unmanned aerial systems for scouting, targeting, and attacking, coupled with the deployment of jammers and spoofers for defense, has become a critical aspect of the conflict. Del Toro emphasized the need for the U.S. and NATO allies to focus on developing and maintaining ready, interoperable combat power capable of operating in contested environments, including the electromagnetic spectrum.

Key Points:

  1. Evolution of Warfare: The conflict in Ukraine has underscored the changing nature of warfare, with drones and electronic warfare playing a significant role. Both Russian and Ukrainian forces are engaged in a dynamic and deadly cat-and-mouse game, employing these technologies to gain advantages on the battlefield.
  2. Importance of Readiness: Del Toro highlighted the rapid changes and uncertainties in the geopolitical landscape and emphasized the importance of developing and maintaining a combat-ready force. The emphasis is on readiness for contested environments, acknowledging the evolving nature of conflict.
  3. U.S. Department of Defense Investments: The U.S. Department of Defense is investing billions of dollars in the development of drones, electronic warfare, and a combination of both. Recent tests included Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare pod and integrated exercises featuring unmanned systems.
  4. Spectrum Operations and Electronic Warfare: Del Toro acknowledged that spectrum operations, particularly electronic warfare, involve a constant series of moves and countermoves to gain advantages in the battlespace. The Navy’s established electronic warfare efforts include aircraft like the Growler and programs like the Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP).
  5. U.S. Aid to Ukraine: Del Toro mentioned that the U.S. has committed both drones and electronic warfare equipment to Ukraine. He emphasized the importance of continued U.S. aid to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.
  6. Congressional Support: Del Toro highlighted the plea from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for U.S. Congress to pass a supplemental aid package to support Ukraine. He stressed the critical importance of providing support to allies and partners on the battlefield.

The evolving nature of warfare, marked by the use of advanced technologies such as drones and electronic warfare, underscores the need for military forces to adapt and invest in capabilities that can address emerging threats effectively. 🌐🛡️🚁 #Warfare #Drones #ElectronicWarfare 🚀

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