Cardboard Drone Vendor Adapts Software Based on Ukraine War Hacks

In a remarkable display of innovation, SYPAQ, an Australian company, has revolutionized the world of drones with its Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System, a disposable cardboard drone. This groundbreaking technology has played a pivotal role in Ukraine’s efforts to gather crucial surveillance data for their missions against Russian forces.

Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System:

SYPAQ introduced the Corvo drone in 2018 in response to a challenge from the Australian Army. Their goal was to create a low-cost, low-observable drone capable of delivering supplies to remote locations. The use of cardboard for the drone’s construction was a brilliant choice, as it is cost-effective and does not trigger enemy radar systems.

This cardboard wonder boasts a two-meter wingspan, minimal avionics, and a payload bay for delivering items like blood bags, repair parts, ammunition, and radios. It can travel over 100 kilometers, carry up to three kilograms of payload, and land within two meters of its intended target. Its flat-sheet design makes it easy to transport and assemble in the field, after which it can be discarded.

The Ukrainian Connection:

The global impact of SYPAQ’s invention became apparent during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The Australian government, aware of the Corvo’s capabilities due to their co-development involvement, gifted over 600 drones to Ukraine. These drones became an invaluable asset for more complex missions, with Ukrainians creatively adding GoPro cameras on timers to film strategic locations, making the drones even harder to detect.

Constant Innovation:

SYPAQ’s commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at cardboard construction. They recently released a heavy-lift version with a larger wingspan, capable of carrying six kilograms. Additionally, they unveiled quadcopter variants, resembling DJI drones, opening doors for diverse applications. The company’s partnership with the UK-based Tanglewood Group aims to expand the availability of Corvo drones in Europe and the Middle East.

SYPAQ’s Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System demonstrates the incredible potential for innovation, even in the most unexpected places. The cardboard construction may seem humble, but its capabilities are truly awe-inspiring. As it continues to evolve and adapt, this remarkable technology is sure to have a lasting impact on the world of drones and surveillance.

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