Biden Requests Massive Defense Package for Israel and Ukraine from Congress

President Joe Biden made an appeal to Congress on Thursday for a substantial defense spending package, which includes allocating significant funds for additional weaponry to both Israel and Ukraine. During a televised address from the Oval Office, President Biden stressed that this package represents an extraordinary commitment to Israel’s security, reinforcing its military advantage.

Biden’s speech didn’t touch on the escalating tensions in the broader Middle East, such as Iran’s threats in response to potential Israeli actions in Gaza and recent attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria, linked to Iran-backed militias.Joe

Simultaneously, the House of Representatives faces challenges in passing legislation due to the absence of a new Speaker, partly because of protests against U.S. support for Israel. Furthermore, the Biden administration is running low on funds to provide military aid to Ukraine amidst Russia’s invasion.

Congress is anticipating a defense supplemental spending request from the White House, estimated at around $100 billion. The majority of this funding will go to Ukraine, with a smaller portion allocated for Israel. Additionally, there will be increased support for Taiwan and bolstered security along the southern border.

Israel has requested more precision-guided munitions and Iron Dome interceptors, which are used to defend against rocket attacks. The U.S. has already provided Israel with various weapons and munitions, including JDAMs, artillery rounds, and armored vehicles. Additional Iron Dome interceptors are also on the way.

Israel has engaged in an extensive bombing campaign in Gaza, resulting in significant casualties, while the initial attacks by Hamas led to Israeli casualties.

Notably, there have been resignations in protest within the U.S. government, including the director of congressional affairs at the State Department’s Political-Military Affairs bureau, who cited concerns about the transfer of weapons to Israel.

The situation is politically contentious, with some advocating for a ceasefire, while others, from both Republican and Democratic sides, support additional aid for Israel and Ukraine. The House’s inability to select a new Speaker complicates matters, and the Senate appears more inclined to support the White House’s supplemental request.

In summary, President Biden’s call for a defense spending package, including support for Israel and Ukraine, comes at a time of heightened tension and political challenges in the United States. The situation reflects a complex and multifaceted issue involving military aid and international relations.

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