About KI Data

Our work with multiple federal government departments and agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations has helped us understand that while many of these organizations could benefit from social media and big data analytics, few have the capacity to undertake these complex studies using existing in-house resources and expertise.  

KI Data offers client departments an online customizable dashboard-based, and Boolean search query-enabled, social media/open-source media listening tool. It is fully accessible at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and is able to pull in social media and open-source, close to real-time and historical data. The interface is simple enough to be operated by non-technical users. 

KI Data supports the creation of an unlimited number of dashboards and reports; dashboards and reports are shareable via email and are exportable via CSV.  

KI Data monitors all publicly available social media (including Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook and Instagram Pages) and other internet platforms (including news sources, media-sharing websites, blogs, and forums). With KI Data, we can offer our clients the software and analytics services they need to gain detailed insight into their populations of interest.  

KI Data is a web-accessible platform powered by patented technology and an in-house data library of more than 1.5 trillion posts. It transforms unstructured social media data into meaningful business insights through a variety of tools at the user’s disposal. KI Data will allow clients to build queries for tracking topics and keywords across numerous platforms, as well as produce professional-grade analysis and reports. 

KI Data provides access to a full suite of the following types of content: 

  • Social media, websites, magazines, newspapers, journals, and press releases 
  • Web content in the form of blogs, podcasts, video/photo sharing sites, industry forums, and more  
  • Comprehensive global news and social media coverage that includes international, national and local press, industry, trade and business sources, press wires and press release pages, government and regulatory websites, scientific publications and journals, consumer magazines, and sports sites 
  • Television and radio transcripts (optional) 
  • Newspaper and other paywall data (optional) 
  • 150 million unique news articles and social media posts served a month 
  • Over 85,000 online and premium (print) news sources from 220 countries in over 90 languages 

The platform’s primary service offerings are: 

  • Monitor social media and online conversations to track content performance; 
  • Monitor, analyze, and report information from traditional media sources including print, video, audio, and online content; 
  • Search and explore topics via multiple search options, including an image-integrated engine; 
  • Provide analysis-rich, shareable reports; and 
  • Publish, modify, and schedule social media posts. 

The artificial intelligence behind KI Data software analyzes the textual content from all publicly-available data to identify statistical patterns within users’ posts. Entire discussions are examined at an aggregate level, treating each assertion (expression of public opinion or sentiment) as the unit of measurement. Machine-learning algorithms detect and report on a host of dynamics. Users can select from a variety of statistics and media metrics to include in reports, including frequency; views; trends by topic; influencers; followers; sentiment/tone of the posts; geographical location; content reach; media source and type; and nature and extent of audience engagement. The reports that are generated can be customized and deliver clear and effective visuals and diagrams appropriate for a wide audience.  

Our KI Data platform provides access to a full suite of media, social media and open data sources, including any platforms and content that have been indexed by Google. This means that as new content is created, published, and indexed by Google, KI Data’s vast repository is perpetually expanding, and the list of our monitored content sources is constantly growing. Our monitoring and reporting services have a global scope, with access as needed to source from Canada and the rest of the world. 

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