KI Data AI Platform empowers clients to track media coverage, measure social media engagement, understand social conversations, and optimize their public presence.


KI Data's social media analytics can help your organization monitor your public image, track account or campaign activity, analyze social conversations, and more. KI Data gives you access to millions of voices across the world and enables you to understand your audience and sector. Social monitoring ensures that you won't miss out on important conversations, while search capacities enable you to explore topics and audiences in depth. We offer many ways of filtering and refining data to streamline your analysis work.

2 Years Historical Data

Comprehensive access to online, print, broadcast and social media content going back 24 months


Access to geolocation data provides insights into regional conversations

Trending Topics & Influencers

AI analysis identifies topics, subtopics and influencers within conversations of interest

Near Realtime Access

Direct access to media and social media platforms delivers new content in near real-time

AI Analytics

AI tools provide analytics such as estimated reach, impact, sentiment, and emotional tone

Multilingual Support

KI Data provides high-quality automated translation of content from 175+ languages; platform support is available in English and French

Latest Tweets

The Coming E-Bike Age
In May 2020, due to the pandemic, the popularity of e-bikes increased, and search interest this year is significantly above where it was at the same time in 2021. We have tracked mentions of e-bikes on social media to see how they are trending. #KiData

NEW DELHI - Twelve workers at an Indian salt factory were killed on Wednesday when a 3 metre high wall collapsed on them, government officials said. The incident took place in the town of Morbi in the western state of Gujarat. #Kidata

Nigeria - Nine people were killed after a gas cylinder explosion led to the collapse of a building close to a popular market in Nigeria’s northern state of Kano, the national emergency service and witnesses said. #KiData

Most hackers today target everyone from charities, small businesses, groups, and large corporations. To avoid becoming a target/victim is to ensure your data systems are protected.
Here are a few tips to protect your business from #cyberattacks:

Uruguay has been hit by strong winds and high waves as a subtropical cyclone swept through the country. Wind gusts in the capital Montevideo reached 98km/h. Then Cyclone Yakecan moved north to Brazil, where it caused widespread power cuts. #KiData

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